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Nutrition is all about balance with a focus.
That is all. Balance can look different all the time but what doesn't change is that the food you eat fuels you and literally becomes a part of you.

The main thing I want for you is to understand what your body does with what you put into it. Are you setting yourself up for success or are you doing things that aren't in line with your goals?

Understand the 'why' versus just doing what someone else dictates.
I need you strong mentally in this area.

Some will tell you 
low fat, high protein regiments are healthiest!
Some will tell you 
ketogenic diets are the way to go!
Some will tell you 
vegan/plant-based is best for your insides!
Some will tell you IT DOESNT MATTER, just exercise!

They are all valid for different reasons but you need to have something aligned to your goals. I have eaten several of different ways and can lean on those experiences to inform my decisions. I want the same for you. After research and practice, you will know what a
caloric deficit feels like. You will learn what proteins, fats and carbs do to/for your body. 

I have been on a
plant based regiment since 2017 and I love it. I have also eaten with different kinds of balance on my plate for over 10 years now so I mean it when I say do the research and try things for yourself. Informing yourself around this area deserves consistency and will pay off the sooner you start. I'll be sharing recipes soon but until then follow my Instagram and subscribe on YouTube to be the first to know!


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