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I'm here to encourage your well rounded progress physically, mentally & spiritually.
I empower you with knowledge based on my experiences to build a healthy, well-informed & capable community for the future. Start with these pillars as guides to your progress:  

Balance, Focus, Power, Control & Flexibility

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The 5 pillars are intended to guide you through your self development journey.
These principles lean  on each other and can be seen as members of your support team.
Throughout my day I reference these to stay level headed & become a better me.
Remember this, it is progress we are after. 

Balance is key in any struggle. Think about a fighters weight before taking or throwing a punch. Think about the base of a pyramid. With a nice wide base to prevent tipping or external forces knocking them over, they can stand firm & serve other important purposes.
If you are struggling, step one is to check your balance. You balance your budget, so you should balance your time, whats on your plate, who's in your life etc. Take inventory & assess the contributors of stress and the facilitators to change.

Build with balance in mind.


Focus is a challenge in today's fast moving, downloading, high expectation, scrolling, liking, sharing, constantly updating technology based society. Multitasking is great but not if it costs you your peace or goals. A powerful laser is a focused beam. Condensed and accurate at its point of contact. Treat your focus like a laser. Hitting the point you need to hit for as long as it takes to get the desired results. This is mental dexterity. This is saying yes to yourself. This is a constant development of will power. This is consistency.

Be ferocious with your focus.

To make real change, power is required. To open a door, to run faster, to jump higher all requires the acquisition and distribution of power. Power comes in many forms but it doesn't come from out of no where. A stream of water can split a rock in half. A rain drop not so much. Focusing forms energy. Power is the energy cultivated through focus. If you struggle here, check your balance and practice focusing. Time will reveal your dedication.

Push to your powerful self.

All the power in the world can still be problematic. Control is just as important if not more important than power. Gauging the why and how of what you are doing. Continuing to self assess and apply yourself in the healthiest of ways. Without control, power can destroy you or those around you. A very fast car can have different outcomes depending on who's driving.

Curate yourself through control.

To thrive in this ever changing world, one must learn and master flexibility. Being ready at a moments notice to put into practice the skills you've taken the time to develop. Flexibility is knowing that you sometimes won't know. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a skill learned over time. Accepting failures just as swiftly as you embrace your next opportunity is what I mean. The strongest substance to whether a storms forces are not normally rigid, they bend and allow distribution of the force to remain intact as if nothing even happened. Be kind to yourself, know that there are highs and lows but most importantly the only constant is change. We are all a work in progress.

Fight using your flexibility.

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