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Training is different for everyone.
As always, I want you to understand the why behind what you're doing. 
Its easy to default to just training physically but please remember your mind and spirit as well. Meditation, church, community service, mentorship, being around other like minded individuals, all give you perspective. Take inventory of your current levels and seek guidance if you need it. Trainers, pastors, tutors, training partners, therapists, coworkers, family and friends can all be a great support/resource on your progress focused journey.

When you understand the why, you can focus on what your doing with confidence. You know that you are moving towards a goal and how.

Physical Training
Why do 3 sets of 5 reps versus 2 sets of 20 reps in a circuit. Why work major muscle groups on different days and how long to be resting before starting my next set?
Generally I lean towards a balance of weight training that incorporates functional movements with a mix of HIIT style cardio and anaerobic exercise for building and maintaining lean muscle mass with a healthy set of lungs and heart you can depend on. I’ve been heavier and I’ve been more on the lean side and its a direct reflection of my nutrition, training and rest balance.

Things to try and research:
-Running outside
-A class to introduce you to some basics
-HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training)
-Intermittent Fasting
-Anaerobic exercise
-Stretching and foam rolling

Mental Training
Getting frustrated easily? Having a hard time focusing? Sometime a better day is a breathe away. Take a moment, have that deep breathe where you slow things down for a second. Could be your bathroom break at work or the ride home after a long day.

Things to try and research:

-Word puzzles
-Writing out a schedule
-Establishing daily habits
-Deep breathes while counting to ten

Spiritual Training
My spiritual health is multifaceted and involves prayer, meditation and my connections with others. My singular experience in the ocean of many experiences. Some people say Namaste and others take communion and some of us This spiritual space is a grey area for a lot of folks.
We all speak to having a gut feeling and you can make the argument to quantify things like love through some biological triggers and chemical reactions but at its 
essence the human spirit is a hodge lodge of theories.

Things to try and research:

-Visit a church
-Community service
-Call a random friend/family member to check up on them
-Go to a school and ask if you can pay for any students who don't have lunch
-Meditate in shower (imagine the water rolling off of you as stress leaving)

Knowing the why of what you’re doing makes the biggest difference in the world. Assess yourself, make a plan and then give it some consistency. Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the right support & removing the hindrances. Work hard but make sure you are smart about it.

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